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Our Company was founded on the principle of providing solutions to our clients in an efficient and straightforward manner.  We understand that dealing with mortgage problems can be very stressful and is nearly overwhelming for some of our clients.  Our approach and process is aimed at minimizing stress rather than adding to it.

To that end, we provide the industry’s first No Result, No Obligation, No-Questions-Asked Policy for those who are accepted as our Full Service Platinum Clients.  You receive a written offer from your lender or you pay nothing for the loan modification negotiation attempt.

We can’t, however, accept every applicant
even though we would love to try to help everyone.  For those who are accepted, we have a very high success rate.

After you receive our acceptance notification, for our Platinum Clients we provide 100% of the loan modification negotiation without cost to you until you receive your lender’s modification proposal.  We invest many hours of work, and we put our reputation on the line with your lender—without charge to you.

For peace of mind, during the process of the loan modification you will have the option, should you choose to, unlimited access to legal counsel for the 1-3 months of the process for a discounted rate of $34.00 a month.

For our budget minded clients we also offer a Fast Track Bank Ready loan modification document preparation service using cutting edge software.

In addition to modification processing we also offer Full Service Real Estate Services and Administrative Remedy resources to assist you if your lender denies your loan modification request.

We are proud to provide a reasonably priced service that helps people stay in their homes.

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